ERQ Outlines: Abnormal Psychology

Discuss validity and reliability of diagnosis.
Examine Concepts of Normality and Abnormality

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Psychological Disorders

Bulimia Nervosa:
An eating disorder which patients refuse to digest food due to cognitive error on body size image. Patients usually go through the “binge-purge”cycle, which is when they eat and excrete the food by vomiting, exercising, diet or the uses of laxatives.

Major Depressive Disorder:
A form of affective disorder where participants experiences feelings of depressed mood for more than two weeks.

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Compliance Techniques

Compliance Techniques are ways in which individuals are influenced to comply with their demands or desire. There are many different compliance techniques, including authority, liking, scarcity and etc. These techniques are extremely useful under certain situations. It could be use for advertisements, marketing, persuasive tactics and etc.

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Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory was first introduced by Albert Bandura, which assumes that human learn behaviors thorough observations. There are four main stages that need to go through when imitating the others behavior. His study on how children imitate aggression by learning through the “adult models” had supported his theory.

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